Minimising risk, enhancing culture, maximising human potential.

For many organisations these are challenging times, especially when it comes to continuing to develop their safety and wellbeing culture.
To help with this, Anker & Marsh have set up an online training centre to provide you with live, dynamic, discussion-based training, with the same level of interaction and passion that we put into all of our classroom-based training.


Stress in the Workplace

Stress; what it is and how it’s caused in the workplace.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health; what it is and how it interacts with occupational stressors.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health;
incidents and mindset.

The Jason Anker Story

Jason Anker;
Anker and Marsh. Limited

Anker and Marsh

A five minute overview of recent developments in the field of human error management.


The Anker & Marsh team

Jason Anker MBE

Jason was paralysed from the waist down due to an avoidable accident on a construction site in 1993 when he was just 24 years old. He only started speaking about his accident in 2009.
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The Jason Anker Story >

Karen Royle

Karen is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who has spent many years providing workplace coaching, training and assessments to help people enhance their potential in the workplace.
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Joyce Elisha PhD

Including the time spent on research as part of my PhD., I’ve worked within industry applying Human Factors and Safety Culture improvement projects across a broad range of industries for 20 years.
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John Dillon

John spent many years of his life working in industry and first joined Tim at Ryder-Marsh Safety, direct from the nuclear industry.
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Hannah Courtney Bennett

A Chartered Psychologist since 1998, Hannah’s work focuses on career development, talent management and health, safety and wellbeing. 
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Ana Camargo

Ana is fascinated by cultures and creativity thanks to her multicultural upbringing spanning multiple countries in three continents. Ana is an I/O psychologist, consultant and adjunct professor.
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Professor Tim Marsh

Prof Tim Marsh, then at UMIST, was one of the team leaders of the original UK research into behavioural safety (in construction) in the early 1990s.
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Carolyn Yeoman PhD

Carolyn is an Organisational Psychologist with significant experience in Health, Safety and Wellbeing Culture Change. She is passionate and results orientated, with a proven track record for driving Health, Safety and Wellbeing behavioural and cultural change within a diverse range of national and international businesses.
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Robert Parker

Robert is a business strategy and governance expert with considerable leadership and management experience from senior roles in the private, public and regulatory sectors.
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Elena Essig PhD

Elena is an Associate Professor in Human Resource Management and holds a PhD in Management Science from Université de Tours.
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Laura Thomas

Laura is a barrister with a difference…she’s an award winning ‘Leading Lawyer’ [Legal 500 – 2019] with a proven track record  in regulatory law, health and safety, environment, transport, governance, risk and compliance.
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Our ambassadors

Chris Jerman

Tragically, Chris died in 2022 after a battle with cancer which he faced with is usual verve and good humoured perspective. It still doesn’t seem at all credible that he lost it. We find we simply can’t bring ourselves to take his picture down and leave it up here as a tribute to a much loved and greatly missed colleague and friend.
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Sean Toon

Sean is a speaker and friend of Jason who talks about the impact Jason’s accident has had on him, his family and friends.
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Matt Hazelton

Matt openly talks about the workplace accident that has affected his life forever. Matt was a director of a company and on his site he painfully lost two brothers and two best friends.
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Paul Blanchard

Paul was in a major accident falling from height several years ago fixing a roof at a farm. He speaks from an emotional perspective on why Health and Safety is not just about ticking boxes.
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Abbi Taylor

Abbi is a speaker, Jason’s daughter and personal assistant. “I was just 3 years old when my dad had his accident at work, and it is still affecting me and my family today.”
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Mike Farmer

Mike has worked with Tim for over 25 years and provides marketing, IT and design support.
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Professor Tim Marsh is the author of A Definitive Guide to Behavioural Safety, Total Safety Culture and Talking Safety. Chris Jerman is co-author of Risk-Led Safety: Evidence-driven Management. Jason Anker MBE has just published his story in Paralysis to Success - Bounding Back From Adversity. You can purchase these titles through our website.


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