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A five minute overview of recent developments in the field of human error management.


The Jason Anker Story

Jason Anker;
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Health and Wellbeing

Is you health and wellbeing programme working?

Beyond Behavioural Safety

Some ideas which will take us beyond conventional behavioural safety.

Workplace Stress

Debunking the myths around stress in the workplace.

Reducing Workplace Stress

How organisations can start to reduce stress in the workplace.

The Anker & Marsh team

The Jason Anker Story…

The Anker and Marsh team: their first end of year party

Jason Anker MBE

Jason was paralysed from the waist down due to an avoidable accident on a construction site in 1993 when I was just 24 years old. I only started speaking about my accident in 2009.
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Professor Tim Marsh

Prof Tim Marsh, then at UMIST, was one of the team leaders of the original UK research into behavioural safety (in construction) in the early 1990s.
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Sean Toon

Sean is a speaker and friend of Jason who talks about the impact Jason’s accident has had on him, his family and friends.
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Matt Hazelton

Matt openly talks about the workplace accident that has affected his life forever. Matt was a director of a company and on his site he painfully lost two brothers and two best friends.
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Mike Farmer

Mike has worked with Tim for over 20 years and provides marketing, IT and design support.
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Chris Jerman

Chris began his safety career in the foundries of South Yorkshire having spent his formative years in production management. Schooled largely by the EEF in Sheffield, Chris saw the move from the rule-driven regime…
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Karen Royle

Karen is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who has spent many years providing workplace coaching, training and assessments to help people enhance their potential in the workplace.
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Tony Roscoe MSc

Tony is a behavioural psychologist specialising in behavioural change (including safety, health / wellbeing and quality), cultural change and business improvement.
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Paul Blanchard

Paul was in a major accident falling from height several years ago fixing a roof at a farm. He speaks from an emotional perspective on why Health and Safety is not just about ticking boxes.
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Abbi Taylor

Abbi is a speaker, Jason’s daughter and personal assistant. “I was just 3 years old when my dad had his accident at work, and it is still affecting me and my family today.”
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Professor Tim Marsh is the author of A Definitive Guide to Behavioural Safety, Total Safety Culture and Talking Safety. Chris Jerman is co-author of Risk-Led Safety: Evidence-driven Management. Jason Anker MBE has just published his story in Paralysis to Success - Bounding Back From Adversity. You can purchase these titles through our website.



Jason Anker MBE tells his story in the DVD A Fall From Height. This 16 minute film includes excerpts from Jason’s safety presentations, interviews with his parents and sister and testimony from his spinal injuries consultant. Plus a comprehensive suite of videos produced under the Ryder Marsh banner.


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Anker and Marsh consultants have published numerous articles and academic papers over the past two decades.



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