Many organisations will say ‘we know we’re not perfect so there’s no need to measure just how ok / not bad we are, we’ve got a good idea already, let’s crack on’.

Others like to benchmark so that they can compare themselves to others, can track progress over time or simply want to scientifically identify where the low hanging fruits and serious pinch-points are. Others because the organisation has political obstacles that only hard data can overcome. Specifically, we provide:

Safety Culture Survey
Based originally on the Parker and Hudson model and boiled down for user friendliness, decades of commercial use allow us to bench-mark organisations from the world class and excellent to the really rather ordinary.

Behavioural Benchmarking
Applying a robust behavioural scoring methodology to the very bottom of the safety triangle (see Tim’s ‘Definitive Guide to Behavioural Safety’) and the 80:20 principle to accurately score an organisation’s most important front-line risks.

Holistic Wellbeing
This measure is based on Tim’s internationally well-received holistic model of wellbeing creation (see USA Campbell White Paper – ‘Future of Well-being’ and Tim’s book the ‘Handbook of Organised Wellbeing’). A robust, inter-related and holistic measure of thriving and flourishing, it draws on the ‘don’t overcomplicate it’ lessons from decades of safety culture surveys (as above).

Recent clients include organisations from commercial investment companies with diverse international portfolios (from a range of utilities through to docks) through to the UK MOD.



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