Behavioural change

Since the creation of behavioural safety, organisations have realised the value of applying behavioural psychology in order to change the behaviour of staff. Behavioural change however is now being applied in a much wider context than just safety. This means that we can apply the science to safety, health, environment, quality and performance, with a much wider range of really practical tools.

Behavioural science can be applied to changing any behaviour, including (but not limited to) the behaviour of staff, supply chain and customers.

Alertness creation

Generally, people can only focus for so long before their attention wanders or distractions creep in. Air Traffic Control is a supreme example of where this has been recognised and work arranged such that we can all fly with confidence that someone is on the ball down there!

It is vital before embarking on a programme of alertness creation that any organisation understands that it must have all of the appropriate systems and controls in place to be as little reliant on error minimisation as it can be. Placing all of the responsibility on the individual not to get it wrong is something that has to be considered carefully. Safety critical tasks must be identified and controlled first.

Simply telling someone to pay attention isn’t really going to be effective. People don’t really choose to be inattentive; it just happens. But with the way that work and life have all but merged nowadays, the opportunity for distraction whether it be social media messages, thinking about placing a bid on an auction site or maybe taking the dog to the vet people’s minds are full therefore is it any wonder that they’re not necessarily as focused on their tasks as you’d perhaps like them to be?

If you have a behaviour(s) that you would like to change, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you can create innovate solutions to your problems.


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