Our basic consultancy approach is holistic and integrated. A basic assumption (always worth checking) is that the organisation has hit diminishing returns with its systems as so many do. Once any basics have been identified and rectified a continuous improvement mind-set needs to be established as an on-going process. This primarily so the organisation can identify improvement opportunities as objectively as possible – both reactively but, more importantly, pro-actively. Second, to create a culture of engagement and empowerment through transformational leadership.

All organisations want their employees switched on to risk, switched on to opportunity and just thriving and positive generally. Telling them they’d better be like that doesn’t work …

We can help you design or refine a person focused, risk driven, safety, wellbeing and mental health strategy and help integrate that from risk register, through management systems and on-going governance processes. Everything we do is tailored. (Click here for client list of principle consultants)

Setting Up a ‘Just Culture’ Process

When things have gone wrong a key building block of a strong culture is a consistent, transparent and fair response. An embedded formal ‘Just Culture’ process helps ensure this occurs. If your company doesn’t have one, they really should. We have often been asked to help set one up and can help you avoid the two major problems that can occur. (Both involving a skew to the status quo).

Developing an objective analysis-based approach means that trust, consistency and fairness are maximised so that any discipline required is less likely to be seen by colleagues as arbitrary. This is also, therefore, a vital building block of an empowered and energized workforce.


Review of Existing Training Material, HF Approaches and Risk Management

Over the years one of our most frequently requested services is to review existing human factors material and how effectively it is trained and/or embedded. Ideally, role plays, local examples and discovered learning exercises will feature highly in the training and HR and SHE will work hand in hand in a structured follow up process.

The most frequent finding is that a HF approach, possibly adapted from aviation or such, is very strong on listing the various issues that might go wrong – but less strong on pro-actively creating an environment where they are less likely to occur.


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