Health and wellbeing

Wellbeing as part of the ‘health’ in Health and Safety has come very much to the fore recently and many organisations are looking for practical ways in which to provide health and wellbeing training for their staff. However, it can be difficult to find a scientific, evidence-based approach that provides practical tools for health and wellbeing at both an individual and an organisational level.

For most people, life consists of that which we do for work and that which we don’t; ie home life. In days gone by, work was a means of survival. Times have changed and continue to do so. We’re now in a position (societally) where we work in order to do all the nice things that we like doing.

But with the growth of technology, the way we work has changed immeasurably and whilst this creates a newfound freedom, it has come with a cost. For many there is now little clear division between work and life. Whilst work was traditionally left at the factory gate or office reception, we now answer work e-mails on holiday, answer the phone at work when our partners or children call us. Whatever the source, we are continually on call 24/7.

Wellbeing therefore is holistic and the key message is that good work is good for and feeling that you are engaged in worthwhile employment for an employer, who demonstrates that it cares about its people and treats them with fairness, is open, honest and trustworthy removes a huge burden from employees. If there are mechanisms of support for those who find themselves having to adjust their routines in order to be able to cope, and a detection system for those who have gone beyond that and are now struggling but unable to self-help, then genuinely that’s a pretty good situation.

They key is to not create the problems in the first place rather than reach for the measures aimed at treating solely the symptoms. Conducting a workplace survey to identify the key frustrations in the organisation is a good starting point.

Anker and Marsh have developed courses to provide an excellent understanding of health and wellbeing, based on the latest neuroscience, whilst providing practical skills that can be applied at an individual and organisational level.


You can download a guide to our standard courses here.
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