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Our basic approach is holistic and integrated. First, to ensure that it has hit diminishing returns with its systems as so many do. After this a continuous improvement mind-set is both necessary and an on-going process so an organisation must identify improvement opportunities as objectively as possible both reactively but ideally pro-actively. Second, to create a culture of engagement and empowerment through transformational leadership.

All organisations want their employees switched on to risk, switched on to opportunity and just thriving and positive generally. Telling them they’d better be like that doesn’t work …

We can help you design or refine a person focused, risk driven, safety, wellbeing and mental health strategy and help integrate that from risk register, through management systems and on-going governance processes. Everything we do is tailored. (Click here for client list of principle consultants)


We have a range of assessment tools covering:

  • governance (specialist technical areas supported by our partnership with Vita Safety).
  • general task and job design
  • general culture for wellbeing and empowerment
  • safety culture and
  • behavioural bench-marking

We have worked with hundreds of previous clients including the HSE itself. These measures are available as either in-depth or snapshot versions.


We run a full range of training courses including:

Safety Leadership (from Board room to supervisor & charge-hand).

  • Soft Skills for cultural enhancement. These cover feedback, assertion, coaching, influencing skills, problem solving in teams and presentation skills for effective tool box talks. We will tailor the course and terminology used to blend with any existing training.
  • Behavioural Safety for projects, initiatives and/or on-going processes. (Based on Tim’s best-selling book ‘A Definitive Guide to Behavioural Safety’ and the recently re-launched IOSH CPD course)
  • Alertness and Empowerment Creation for Individual Resilience.

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