We run a full range of safety training including:

  • Safety Leadership (from Board room to supervisor & charge-hand). MORE>
  • Soft Skills for cultural enhancement. These can be included in a Leadership package or stand-alone and include feedback, assertion, coaching, influencing skills, question sets that empower and problem solving in teams. (In addition, our famous stand-alone session on presentation skills for effective tool box talks). MORE>
  • Behavioural Safety for projects, initiatives and/or on-going processes. (Based on Tim’s best-selling book ‘A Definitive Guide to Behavioural Safety’ and the recently re-launched IOSH CPD course). Processes are tailored to suit each client and will incorporate many of the elements detailed on this site. If only one element is selected it should be the setting up of a workforce behavioural root cause analysis team. This project team is trained in ABC analysis, Just Culture, Reason’s Cheese model and the safety hierarchy and how to use an impact matrixes. MORE>
    These teams always deliver high impact low cost solutions that prove an excellent springboard for any other workforce based approach.
  • General Cultural Enhancement MORE>
    • Alertness and Empowerment Creation
    • Individual Resilience