What Anker and Marsh do


We can help you design / refine a risk driven safety, wellbeing and/or mental health strategy and integrate these into your management systems and on-going governance processes. 


We have a range of assessment tools covering general culture, safety culture and behavioural bench-marking with previous clients including the HSE itself.


We run a full range of training courses including safety leadership, soft skills, behavioural safety and general cultural enhancement for empowerment and engagement.

We are delighted to say that, as well as inspirational talks, Anker and Marsh now provide a full series of training, assessment and consultancy services.

We have a team of consultants with decades of experience who will help you select the right combination of these services that will help your organisation minimise the likelihood of harming their employees, physically or mentally, and support them if they are injured or needing support due to ill-health.

But, and to slightly paraphrase, “it’s not (just) about surviving – it is about thriving with passion compassion, humour and style”.

We certainly want all to survive unharmed – but our other passion is to help as many employees thrive as we can.

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Culture Measurement and Change

Health and Wellbeing

Behavioural Change

Inspirational Leadership

Business Improvement

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